Interesting Links
Below are links to sites we have found interesting.  We'll be adding to this periodically in order to build a resource page for our customers.  If you have suggestions, please e-mail us to let us know. 
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Restaurant Gwendolyn                
Constantly one of the best restaurants in San Antonio and winner of numerous awards: Chef Michael Sohocki is innovative, creative and also writes for Edible San Antonio. We are proud to be one of their local suppliers. 
Blue Star Brewing Company
FOOD!!! FOOD!!! This is a local restaurant and microbrewery that uses our beef. They are located in South Town, San Antonio. Their Provision store is 2 doors down. 

A clearinghouse for information on the benefits of grass fed livestock product. The list of resources across the nation for clean foods is growing. 

Family Educators Alliance of South Texas (FEAST) - A San Antonio area support organization for home schooling.

Texas Beef Council Consumer Site
This has a good recipe section, as well as featured recipes. Excellent Shopping and Cooking section. with an Interactive Butcher Counter section. 

​A site by a certified DO of Family Medicine. It is packed with information and seems to be in the forefront of wellness health through quality and natural foods.

Dr. John D. Hernandez, M.D. 
Dr. Hernandez is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician, obtained his medical degree and Internal Medicine residency training from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, and has additional specialty training in Emergency Medicine.  Through research and clinical practice, Dr. Hernandez came to realize the importance of including natural and more holistic approaches that could offer potentially fewer side effects and additional health benefits. 

SOI Systems 
During Gerry Shudde’s years in education, Structure of Intellect (SOI Systems) was the most powerful model of intelligence that he found.  In addition to diagnosing areas of intelligence, this program also provides remediation for areas of weakness.  Appropriate for individuals, schools, correctional institutions, clinics, and businesses.