Frequently Asked Questions   
1. How is my beef packaged?
The beef is dry aged for 2 weeks at 35 degrees then cut into portion sizes in vacuum-sealed state-of-the-art cryovac vacuum packages. This airless environment ensures high quality and long shelf life in your freezer. 

2. How do I order? 
Follow the instructions to order online or call toll free 210-426-7324. We also encourage people who are close to schedule a visit to see the ranch. We like to know our customers.

3. Will orders be shipped or do I pick it up? 
​People often prefer to pick up their orders due to the cost.  Generally, pick up is at the Pearl Farmers Market in San Antonio, TX.  On occasion, pick up is from the ranch.  If you have children, there are usually some animals around.

4. Where is the ranch located?
Shudde Ranch is south of Sabinal, Texas.  There is one red light in Sabinal at the intersection of Highway 90 and FM 187.  Go south on FM 187 for 10.5 miles.  Turn right into our lane which has a small Shudde Ranch sign.  There is also a "Sabinal River" sign just after our lane.  And if you cross the river, you just went too far! 

5. Where is the beef processed? 
Uvalde Meat Processing in Uvalde, TX, which is a State-inspected facility.  They do a tremendous job for us.

6. Can orders be custom made?
We cut our calves into Standard Shudde Cuts.
If an order is for 1/4 calf, custom cuts cannot be made.
If an order is for 1/2 or 1 whole calf, some cuts can be customized.
If you are accustomed to dealing directly with the processor, you can buy a 1/2 calf or 1 whole calf, pay for the processing, and work directly with the processor on custom cuts.

7. How much freezer space is needed?
One cubic foot of freezer space will hold approximately 25 to 30 pounds of meat.  A whole calf will have between 250 to 350 pounds of packaged meat.  

8. What cooking preparations are needed?
It is always best to thaw frozen beef in the refrigerator, and one pound takes about 24 hours. We know that in our culture today, a family does not know what they are going to have to eat until about 2 hours before mealtime. Therefore, this meat can be thawed under dripping water, tepid to slightly warm, and is ready to cook in about 10 to 15 minutes.   It then takes less than 8 minutes to cook, so we suggest you have every thing ready to eat when you put the beef on the heat. I like to say this is "nutritious fast food" because it can be prepared quicker than you can go to a fast food restaurant, get home and serve it.  Because this beef cooks faster than other beef, it can be over-cooked and dry out  if you leave it on the heat too long. The Cooking Guide that we include with your meat will help you with adjusting your cooking times and learn to gauge cooking doneness.

9. What is the risk of E-coli or other pathogens in this beef? 
The chance this would be extremely rare for two reasons. 1) It is all from one animal and extreme care is taken in the processing by processing one calf at a time.  
2) Also, because these cattle are eating what evolution has designed cattle to eat (that is, grass!), their digestive system is healthy and does not contain the "bad" strain of E-coli that makes humans sick. Tests have shown that grass fed cattle are 99.9% free of the "bad" e-coli that makes humans sick.

10. Isn’t Longhorn meat tough? 
Gosh NO! The first one we ate was a 6-year-old cow, and it was amazing how tender it was. We later had several samples done from a random picking of steers and had A&M check it for tenderness. On their Werner-Bratzer test, it all rated extremely tender.  
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Raising Our Beef:

 We manage our ranch, our grass, and our cattle toward healthy ecosystems and sustainability.  

 Low stress methods of raising our calves ensures a healthier, more attractive, cost efficient steak.

Cooking Our Beef:

 Convenient, individual vacuum packages thaw quickly.

 Cooks faster - all cuts (except roasts) cook in 8 minutes or less.

 20% less shrinkage

♥ No waste due to absence of bone and fat